Top 4 Online Forums That Most Expats In Thailand Use

Before you come to Thailand, or even after you have landed the popular online forums never fail to offer an assortment of information from working in Thailand to weird and wonderful situations people have found themselves in. Here you will find a list of four of the most reputable and most used forums targeted and those living or about to live the Thai dream.

Thai Visa
Thai Visa has been around for a long time. The site has a little bit of everything available. Auctions, VISA information and links to authoritative websites. Many people will post Visa questions on here, and there is always a set of different experiences and procedures people have gone through depending on where they are applying for their documents.
Thai ForumWe are not sure if Stickman knew his forum would grow into popularity, but over the years it has become an intelligent resource for those seeking information about Thailand. Weird and wonderful situations are published that could ‘only happen in Thailand’, and there is plenty advice on the latest, as well as the old, tricks that are designed to grab hold of your cash helping you filter the tricksters from the those offering an honest service.
The forum has no end to the list of the subjects that so often crop up in Thailand. The idea of the site is to be semi-serious, factual, but at the same time fun resource to get up to speed with the latest hot topics in ‘The Land of Smiles’. Tips on teaching, living, working and travelling in Thailand are all quite useful.
It is probably the number resource for those looking to get the low down on what being a teacher in Thailand will entail. Many teacher have started here to begin making a career of teaching in Thailand. The site has gone from strength to strength over the years as a resource for not only teachers, but also for those looking to hire teachers. Here you will find exactly what the law is on teaching in Thailand, how to get your VISA and teaching license plus stories from those that are currently living and teaching in Thailand. regularly publishes new releases on changing rules as well as confusing rules plus keeps up to date with all the latest teaching industry news. Furthermore, you’ll be able to get information on the best places to get your qualified as a legal teacher.

Pattaya Addicts
As many foreigners will live in a specific area of Thailand, here we have picked out an example of a niche forum. The niche is in fact just Pattaya City itself rather than furniture or Visas and so on. Pattaya addicts is great because those with Thai girlfriends can go on this forum and along with many others try to figure out their relationship. You will also find hotel reviews and some of the latest deals and offers happening around the city inside this small forum community.

Forums in Thailand are everywhere. Just a search on the internet will bring up any number of options discussing subjects such as the best places to stay and visit in the country to lifestyle and culture. Make sure that you are getting the correct information by confirming any details on smaller niche forums with those similar on the forums mentioned here. Although, this is Thailand and something new can happen every day, so don’t always expect to find an answer!