Thailand is one of the safest countries in the world for holidaymakers.
The people are in the main friendly, and if you show them respect you will receive the same in return.

As with every country there are things you should avoid, and below we will look at just 4 things that will help you to stay safe in the Kingdom during your stay.

Avoid the scams

avoid-scamsIf someone approaches you with an offer which is too good to be true then it probably is!

Use your commonsense. Do not accept a visit to a gem store on a whim. The places you will be taken to will generally be a rip-off.

If you are looking to purchase gems then you should do so via a reputable dealer.

You can find a full list here.

Ladies of the night

In several of the tourist resorts in Thailand there are ladies available.

Some of these ladies are less than honest.

If you meet a lady on the street it is not recommended that you take her back to your hotel room.

If you do it could be a rather expensive move!

You could well wake up the next morning, and your valuables and money have disappeared along with the lady!


Sorry guys and girls, but drugs are a definite NO!

The Thai authorities look very seriously upon foreigners who are caught having anything to do with them.

The simple rule here is; if you do not want to end up in big trouble with the police then stay well away from ALL illegal drugs.

Swimming alone

While it is an extremely alluring thought to find a deserted beach and swim alone you must be careful.

Lots of the waters are calm, but you should be aware that currents can be strong.

If you are alone and in distress then you are in trouble.

As long as you have friends with you or you find a sparsely populated beach then at least help is at hand if you get into difficulties.

Stay safe

Thailand really is a beautiful country which has so much to offer the holidaymaker.

There are beautiful beaches, fantastic scenery, and some of the best food you will find anywhere.

You really can have a cracking time here. All you have to do is use a little bit of commonsense and treat the locals as you would expect to be treated.

By doing this your stay here really will be a memorable one.