Thinking Of Moving To Thailand? Here Are 4 Cities To Consider!

If you have decided to move abroad and enjoy a year-round tropical climate, then Thailand is the best choice. A popular holiday hotspot, Thailand offers tourists a spectacular paradise filled with mountain jungle retreats, beach-rimmed islands, white sand beaches, turquoise seas and jagged limestone cliffs. In addition to the impressive view, Thailand is also one of the most affordable places to live abroad. All of that, while still being able to supply quality medical care as well as modern conveniences and comfort. Let’s explore some of the best cities that expats could make their homes in.

Chiang MaiChiang Mai

Those looking for a nice, relaxing town to retire or take it easy for a while should consider moving to Chiang Mai. Only one hour away from Bangkok, the city of Chiang Mai is located near the foothills in the Northern parts of the country and is ideal for people searching for a calmer way of live. With temperatures of 77 degrees Fahrenheit during the cold season, Chiang Mai is said to have the nicest weather in the country. Even though the city is famous for its spectacular mountain views and slower pace of live, rest assured you will have access to the modern conveniences for a comfy lifestyle.


In case you love the sea and can’t get enough of those amazing trips to tropical paradises, then Phuket is the city for you. Although this beautiful resort was devastated in 2004 by a tsunami, the tragedy helped many update and upgrade their facilities. Nowadays, Phuket is a busy tourist hub where you can enjoy one of the best seafood dishes in Southern Thailand. Take note that although Phuket is a modern resort, the living costs are relatively manageable. Let’s just say that some expats can afford to dine out almost every day of the week!


A former Chinese trading port, the capital of Thailand has transformed, over the past several years, into a very modern and cosmopolitan city. With luxury hotels, spas, skyscrapers and a well-though public transportation system, Bangkok attracts numerous expats thanks to the highly affordable living. In case you’re worried about being alone, you’ll be happy to learn that Bangkok is now home to numerous foreigners and that there’s no shortage of social clubs and activities. Most of them choose to rent or buy homes in the heart of the city for easy access to metros, trains and buses.

Chiang Rai

In case you’re moving to get away from the hectic city life, then Chiang Rai might be the rustic paradise you were looking for. Situated approximately 100 miles from Chiang Mai, this little town can offer you all the basic amenities for a comfortable existence. The highlight of this place is the unique landscape that includes long stretches of unspoiled, white sand beach you can enjoy by yourself or with your loved ones.

If you have made up your mind and decided to move to Thailand, don’t forget to inquire about visas and other paperwork you need. In case you need help with filling out the visa application, talk to us and learn more.