Are you heading to Thailand for Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Thailand is one of Asia’s top tourist destinations during the end of year holidays. There is plenty that happens during this period in Thailand and there are plenty of attractions during the cold season that you can visit. Because this is the high peak season for travel, you need to book early to get some of the best accommodations, or enquire about visa services in advance to avoid last minute rush. Check out these top attractions you can visit this coming holiday season.

Doi Inthanon

Doi Inthanon, located in Chiang Mai, is a tourist destination that is famous for its cultural monuments. Travelers with a taste for experiencing different cultures will enjoy visiting the temples in Chiang Mai to learn more about the religion and culture of the local people. The mountain of Doi Ithanon is the highest in the whole of Thailand and temperatures can dip as low as 0 degrees. Visitors enjoy taking drives to the mountain top and take time to appreciate the beauty the mountainside has to offer.

Khao Yai

Want to experience some wildlife this coming holiday season? Khao Yai is the ideal place to be. The winter season in Khao Yai starts from November to February and the average temperatures are in the low twenties. Khao Yai National Park is one of Southeast Asia’s best places to watch Asian elephants among other magnificent wild creatures. The animals are free to roam around and visitors are allowed to take drives through the park to have a closer look at the animals. You can also enjoy bird watching during the cold seasons.

Phu Chi Fah

The Phu Chi Fah area has outstanding natural beauty to offer, and has an array of rolling hills, elegant peaks and verdant valleys. It is a great holiday destination for people looking to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays quietly with minimal crowds. The climate in the area during Christmas is usually chilly in the morning and stays pleasantly cool throughout the day. With temperatures averaging 25 degrees Celsius, Phu Chi Fah is a great place to be when seeking nature’s comfort. If you are a morning person, you will enjoy the breath taking sunrises at the highest cliffs in the area. The Singha Park provides nature lovers with a colourful tranquillity as they take leisurely strolls through the park. If you are looking for the perfect end of year vacation where you can enjoy a quiet time and just enjoy nature, Phu Chi Fah is definitely the place to visit.

Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park

Nature and animal lovers will enjoy visiting this park and it is particularly interesting during December and January since it is the bird migration season. The cool season at this time makes this national park the ideal place to enjoy camping. If you are planning a family vacation, you need to consider visiting Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park since it has something for everyone. There is a magical royal throne that sits inside of a mountainside cave where you can explore and you can also enjoy the sea view and the excellent beaches in the area. Additionally, the national park is home to hundreds of different bird species which migrate here during the cold season. The surrounding mountains offer excellent hiking trails for people looking to enjoy nature walks.

Central World

Located in Bangkok, Central World is a famous shopping mall that attracts a large number of tourists during Christmas and the New Year. This mega shopping mall is used to host the New Year’s countdown party. Central World is considered the local equivalent to Times Square since it holds thousands of visitors during the holidays ever year. The cool weather during this time allows both locals and visitors to enjoy outdoor activities in the front area of the mall.  There are beer gardens where visitors enjoy drinks as they listen to live band performances. The cool season allows visitors to sit outdoors and enjoy a variety of good food and different live acts set up in the beer gardens. Central World makes the ideal destination for people who are looking to celebrate the holidays in style.

As you can see, Thailand has a number of attractions to meet everyone’s needs. Whether you are looking for a quiet vacation, nature trips or want to experience cultural expeditions, Thailand is the place to visit during the Christmas and New Year holidays. To ensure that your trip is successful, you can consult expert visa agents on all visa matters. Thailand even offers a six month tourist visa which gives you ample time to enjoy an extended holiday, even after the cold season!