Thailand Visa Tips

  1. Countries from the G7 including U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan when you cross a land border with Thailand previously you received a 15 day visa on entry when you reentered Thailand but as from the1st November 2013 it has now been increased to 30 days which is great news and will save numerous travelers the hassle of too many lengthy visa runs and also should hopefully improve tourism in Thailand. Due to this rule just being changed there are rumors that it is restricted to four crossings but in time this will be confirmed.
  2. Non Immigrant O type visas overseas are still remaining very difficult to obtain without the correct criteria so always check with your Embassy or Consulate website before sending your documents and it should be known that they are mainly looking for details including bank account balances and monthly income. They are also looking to see if you have Ties to Thailand including being married to a Thai National or have children with a Thai and if you have and have the documents to prove it is a good idea to get them translated in to English and certified before taking back to your country which is something we can do for you at Key Visa.