Thai wife was after the family home

I had a conversation with a guy in the UK who is in a relationship with a Thai lady. When he was last in Thailand his Thai girlfriend constantly talked about getting married and began telling people that she was already his wife. In the beginning t he UK boyfriend wasn’t too concerned or troubled by this. Though he was honest with me and explained he had some doubts as there is a 30 year age difference with him being 65 and the Thai girlfriend being 35.


Thai wife was after the family home

When he returned to the UK and told the story to his children, his daughter was horrified and suggested that the Thai wife was after the family home and only wanted to marry her father for his money. The father is sadly a widower after losing his British wife to cancer. The father owns the family home free of mortgage and the daughter is concerned that the Thai girlfriend will take the house from her father. He explained to the daughter that when his time comes to an end of earth she the daughter would inherit the house and not to worry about the Thai girlfriend.

The wife UK Divorce Law

The gentleman in question really has no concerns about this part of the relationship. He will be able to marry his new found love and visa permitting the new bride could live in the family home in the UK with him. If the relationship breaks down and the Thai bride is returning to Thailand, she will only be able to take out of the marriage what was built up from the time they got married. Any assets that the UK husband had prior to marrying the Thai bride she has no claim to and would return to Thailand with very little.

If the husband required that the family home and other assets in the UK would be passed onto his children and not his Thai wife upon his death, then it would be important that a will should be written and copies given to the children letting them know the terms of the will and which solicitor’s office has the original copy.

Understanding the British legal system will ensure that your Thai wife will not get the family home