What will the problems be for my Thai wife living in Britain.

Any British man in Thailand with his new Thai bride will have dreams of returning home with her to live, making a new life together. The dream may be better than the reality Thailand and England are such different countrys with very little in common, religion, music, culture, language all being very different. So for any Thai bride coming to Britain to live, huge hurdles will need to be overcome.

Bangkok is the hottest city on earth by average. Every day being roughly 37oC with high humidity. England is 27oC on the best day of the year and near freezing the rest of it. Thai women that live in England find the cold difficult to adjust to, often even in a heated room they will still feel very cold. It is important that your Thai wife has many layers of cloths and you teach her how in the UK we have learnt to keep warm.

England has a large amount of Roman Catholic and Church of England churches. Every city also has both Sikh and Muslim temples, but not many have a Buddhist temple. Thailand is a very religious Buddhist country and your Thai wife will could end up feeling spiritually starved without a temple to visit and a Monk to pray with. As a caring husband try to find a Buddhist temple or prayer center in your area and take the time to visit it with her. It would also be a good idea to create a Buddhist prayer area in your home; this will give you wife the chance to pray when the need arises.

British food at best is bland, while Thai food is very spicy. Over the last few years Thai grocery shops have been opening up in all major citys throughout the UK, Find your local Thai grocery store and ensure your Thai bride is able to keep your home stocked up with all the ingredients she will need to cook good tasting Thai food.

Thai wifes life is good while in she is in Britain

To ensure your Thai wifes life is good while in she is in Britain is common sense. The more effort you put into making her life comfortable will be paid in return with love and a life companion.