How to choose a Thai visa company

Choosing a Thai visa company when it comes to visas to stay in Thailand or visas to the UK or Australia is a really important decision and you will find that a good visa company like Key Visa Thailand will always make sure that as the middle people in a visa application they will get results and not expect to get paid up front.

Point to remember: Don’t pay the full amount for your visa in advance!

Many Thai visa companies are derived from previous staff members who feel that they have got the experience to expedite visas to the UK or Australia which takes many years of experience and to put your faith in a company who claims to be able to get your visa, you have to be sure of certain things including you never pay huge fees up front because you are not giving the company anything to aim for if they have been paid already.

Also, they must have native English speaking staff because if they are presenting visa applications on your behalf you must feel assured there are no spelling mistakes, the documents and translations are correct and that your Thai girlfriend or wife feels happy and confident with the company acting on your behalf which can be confusing if they are not a confident company.

How to choose a Thai visa companyWe see on numerous occasions at Key Visa Thailand, clients who have paid a visa company and not received the visa and when it comes to getting a refund or the monies back they have been pursuaded to sign contracts with small print and also subjected to misleading sales talk which ends in tears and a lighter pocket as they will not refund your money so be very careful who you decide to apply for your visa with. At Key Visa Thailand we never take our fees or the Embassy fees up front making us the only visa company that works in this way which shows our confidence.

Why use Key Visa Thailand and not another visa company?

Mainly because of our integrity, experience and up front honest approach to all visa applications and this is the reason why we have been in business 14 years in Thailand and helped 1000′s of clients obtain their visas.

We have changed lives and peoples futures including getting Thai ladies children to the UK or Australia.

You would not pay for anything unless the goods had been delivered first which is why being careful in Thailand is important and choosing to let Key Visa Thailand apply for the visa will be the best move you will ever make as we never stop until the job is complete and clients get what they deserve.

Running a Thai visa company can be a very stressful job due to you having your clients futures in your hands and also having many clients files open at the same time which is why delegation between you and your Thai team is also important, experience is needed which is where most visa companies fail.

So use Key Visa Thailand and save your tears.

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