Thai Spouse refused a UK Visa

When a UK spouse visa is issued for your Thai wife, both of your lives will change from that moment. No longer are you left feeling anxious wondering if a visa will be issued, and when will she be able to come and finally live with you. No longer will you be paying huge telephone bills to keep in contact with your wife.

A UK spouse visa will allow you and your Thai wife to live together in the UK, maybe even start a family, work together or set up a business. No matter what you life style chooses are, you will be together.

As of 2009 the UK immigration office in Bangkok are taking 90 days to answer a UK spouse visa application, a full 90 days – 3 whole months, just to find out if a visa has been issued. So what happens when your Thai spouse is refused a UK Visa

When a spouse visa application is refused you will receive in writing the reasons why. You will have the right to appeal the decision, however in our experience the embassy make decisions that are the correct at the time of the application and therefore will not be over turned at the appeal.Making an appeal infact will slow the process as you will be spending time chasing a visa that you have already been refused. You will also lose the application fee as they are non refundable.

After a UK visa has been refused the UK immigration office like to see a period of 4 – 6 months before another visa is applied for. Making an application too soon will result in another refusal. It is also advised not to change the visa type, ie when refused a UK Spouse visa, do not apply for a tourist visa next.

When you finally make the second application there is the waiting time of 3 months before a decision is made. In the situation assuming that the uk spouse visa will be issued on the second application, lets now add up how long the application will take in total

  • First Application 3 months
  • Waiting period 6 months
  • Second Application 3 months

Total time of 12 months to receive the visa to allow your Thai wife to finally live with you in the UK. A complete 12 months waiting time for a process that takes only 3 months.In the nine months that you lost you could have had a child in the UK. This is a serious matter that many UK men do not understand or grasp.

The irony is if the UK man was looking at a criminal charge that could result in 3 – 6 months prison, he would 100% use the services of a Lawyer to help defend him. But will not use the services of a visa consultant to protect his relationship. If he is not going to take his relationship and the visa application serious, why should the British embassy?
Getting an application wrong will imprison your relationship, keeping you both apart on opposite sides of the world for many months unnecessary.

There is an old saying Penny wise pound foolish. Save a few hundred pounds on a guaranteed visa with the help of a visa consultant or spend thousands undoing your mistakes, and lose 9 months or more of your life.