Thai marriage and registration service

  • Prepare all documents
  • Escort to your Embassy
  • No Hassle
  • Arrange all further documents
  • Apply to Change partners passport to married name

1- day express Thai marriage and registration service

Our personal chauffeur shall take yourself and your partner to Bangkok with the documents we have already prepared for the marriage registration, we then escort you to your Embassy to obtain your affidavit to marry “which means you are single”.
Because of our relationship with all Embassies it is a very quick process. We then take you and your partner to the registry office to finalize the ceremony were you shall be given two original copies of the marriage certificate stamped by the registrar and complete with certified translations. After the photographs have been taken our chauffeur shall take you back to Pattaya if you wish.

Professional help

In our experience without professional help you could be looking at hanging around Bangkok for about four days coping with the hustle and bustle, our service guarantees a pleasant and non-stress experience and all completed in one day, make it a memorable experience not a nightmare.