It is obvious that a UK Visa will be needed to allow a Thai lady into the UK. It is possible for a Thai lady to obtain a UK Visa independently without a UK Sponsor, though if she has a UK sponsor the application will be easier and more likely to be successful.

Dealing with any government agency is at best difficult and very frustrating; dealing with the UK immigration department is not exception to this rule. The visa officers use language difficult to understand and can seam unhelpful and uncaring.

Thai Lady must apply in Bangkok for a UK Visa

There are legal companies in the UK that list UK visas as part of the work they carry out, but in reality the Thai Lady must apply in Bangkok for a UK Visa. The complete visa application has to be made in Thailand. Therefore it would make sense to use a company based in Thailand.

Thai Lady UK Visa advice

Keep records of the relationship

If the visa application is being made based on a UK sponsor, evidence of that relationship will be required to demonstrate to the immigration department that the relationship is real. This would still be the case if applying for a student visa, after all there will be evidence between the Thai lady and the UK College or school.

As a rule of thumb keep all documents of contact between the Thai lady and the UK sponsor

Photos of time spent together (dated – set your camera to record date at time of taking the photo)

Phone Bills (in the uk you can purchase cheap telephone cards, but they do not proof calls have been made)

Emails (many people use instant message systems instead of emails – this is a mistake, it is easy to proof an email was sent including the date it was sent and received.)

Letters via mail (letters can be used as such an important part of the visa application and yet people take the easy road and fail to send letters, try sending a letter to each other every month)

Shared Hotel bills (when the UK sponsor checks into the hotel in Thailand – book it in both his name and the Thai ladys name and keep the receipt)

Getting the Thai Lady UK Visa

Following the guidelines given here will really help your chances of getting a Thai lady UK Visa.

Good preparation is the secret to obtaining a UK visa. Remember that for all the preparation that you make, the Thai lady may still have to face the immigration interview.