Thai girlfriends pregnant

Thai girlfriends pregnant, you are in the UK, she is in Thailand. Not sure what you should do?

Thai girlfriends act very differently to UK girlfriends. Girls from the UK will tell you they are pregnant to trap you. Thai girlfriends will not get pregnant to trap a man. The main reason being, if the Childs father abandons the child, Thailand will not offer social support or welfare, leaving mother and child with no money and in a bad situation.

Whenever a Thai girlfriend makes love, she will always use a condom, for both safe sex and family planning reasons. Thai ladys when pregnant are not in favour of having an abortion and more often than not will have the baby.

If your Thai girlfriends pregnant, ensure that you protect your babies future, expanding its opportunities. When you baby is born you can ensure that it is issued with a British birth certificate and British passport. This will be important for more reasons than you first think.

Educating a child in Thailand to a western standard is expensive costing upto 1 million baht a year. Schooling in the UK is free to British nationals. By simply ensuring that your Thai child is issued with a British birth certificate and British passport, it will be easier for you to relocate your child to the uk and to educate them.
Arranging a hospital for the birth of your baby in Thailand will cost between 20,000 Baht – 40,000 Baht.

Your Thai girlfriend is pregnant; this is the start of a lifelong journey. Be prepared and protect the future of your child for the reasons of education, healthcare and opportunities.