Thai girlfriend Visa Advice

Trying to get a visa for your Thai girlfriend and don’t know what to do next?
Look around on different visa sites and you will see that there are many different visas that you can apply for

  • UK Tourist Visa
  • UK Visitors Visa
  • UK Holiday VisaUK Family Visa
  • UK Settlement Visa
  • UK Marriage Visa
  • UK Spouse Visa
  • UK Fiancee Visa

There are 8 different named visas listed here, but in reality there are only 3 different types of visa, UK Tourist Visa, UK Settlement Visa and a UK Fiancee Visa, all the visas listed are just different names for the same visa.
When you contact different visa companies in Thailand you will be advised to get a Fiancee or Settlement Visa as they are easier to get than a tourist visa. Why would a Thai girlfriend be turned down for a UK tourist visa but be granted a UK fiancée visa or a UK settlement Visa. It doesn’t make sense; what does make sense is that it costs more to apply for a Fiancee visa and a Settlement Visa.

British boyfriends are advised to marry their Thai girlfriend so she can get a visa to travel to the UK. This is completely wrong and bad advice.

Here is some important Thai girlfriend Visa advice

If you Thai girlfriend has not visited you in the UK before, apply for a Tourist Visa.
Making an application is more about documentation, content, presentation. Not money. So you do not need to buy your Thai girlfriend a house or condo to get a visa, or put 1,000,000 Baht in to her bank account. You would be amazed at the amount of men that do.

Do not pay a visa company money upfront to get you a visa, some Visa companies in Thailand will ask for 20,000 Baht just to talk to you. Find a company that will get the visa before asking you for money.

Do not get married to get your Thai girlfriend a visa, apply for a tourist visa.

Do not apply for a visa if you have known her for only 2 months.