Thai girlfriend UK Tourist Visa

Over the last decade there has been an increased amount of Thai girlfriends applying for a UK Tourist Visa

The early part of the 2000’s saw a drop in the cost or air travel making it affordable for working class and people with small businesses from the UK to travel to the UK for holidays and tourism. Thailand’s tourism industry grew. Many of the visiting men from the UK came for a holiday but left with much more.

The Thai culture is very different from that of the west. Sex being more available without the shame the west put upon it. The British men arriving in the holiday destinations like Bangkok, Patpong, Pattaya have little resilience to the charms of the local Thai ladies. Within hours many men are confusing lust with love. The holiday ends and the man returns to the UK heartbroken and lonely.

The phone calls begin with the Thai girlfriend telling him how much she loves and misses him. Finally he completely falls in love with her and wants her to visit the UK
In the situation there is only one visa available for a Thai girlfriend wishing to visit England, UK Tourist Visa.

The Thai girlfriend must apply for the UK Tourist visa

The Thai girlfriend must apply for the UK Tourist visa at the British embassy in Bangkok. The form must be filled completely in English and if the UK immigration officer can request an interview with the Thai girlfriend.

Any incorrect information given on the visa form, during the interview or lack of evidence to back up the relationship, the visa will be refused and the Thai girlfriend will have to start the complete visa application over again.