Thai Girlfriend Scams

Every man with visiting Thailand will have heard many Thai girlfriend scams. We have all sat in a Beer bar in either Bangkok or Pattaya and laughed at some of the stories men hear from their Thai girlfriends and ingenious ways of extorting the maximum amount of money from him.

Even after we have heard the Thai girlfriends scam 100 times will still fall for it, not believing that it could happen to us.

Here is a list of some of the scams that are run every day.

Thai pregnancy scam

As soon as the western returns home, within a few weeks he will get the call to say she is pregnant with his baby. The story continues with she loves him wants to keep the baby. The scam begins with problems and difficulties with the pregnancy; urgent money is needed for the doctor. Extra stress is placed on the scam with the Thai girlfriend explaining that the baby might die. After the western man sends money to her for the medical bills, she will then call him crying telling him that the unborn baby has died.

Thai Mama sick scam

This story is exactly the same as above, calling her boyfriend in the west telling him that her mama is sick and she is real worried. This type of scam will demand a little more money maybe $5000 – $10,000 dollars. After the money is paid the Thai girl will report that the mama is now in hospital and getting the much needed treatment. Within a week the story will continue that the mama is well, at home and recovering.

Thai Dad Crash truck scam

This scam revolves around the dads truck or car and can be a costly scam. The Thai girlfriend calls telling her boyfriend (back in the west) that her father has crashed the car and it is a write off, the father is ok but not able to work until the car-truck is repaired.

The next day the girlfriend calls again explaining that the insurance will pay for the car to be repaired but it will take two months for the repair and that dad is worried about his job and income.

The next day there is another call, this time asking the boyfriend to buy a second hand car or truck for dad for 300,000 Baht and at the end of the month when the original car-truck is repaired, it will be sold and your money will be returned. After the money has been paid out, you will then learn that the repair garage cannot finish the car and it cannot be sold. This is one of the more expensive Thai girlfriend scams.

Buying a condo.

Any man arranging to buy a condo or home in Thailand, if he goes to the land office with the Thai girlfriend she will ask the land officer to place the land or condo in her name. When you explain that you would like it in your own name the land officer will tell you that you cannot.

If the Thai girlfriend gets the condo in her name, but you keep her well with money etc, you may not have a problem. As soon as you have any problems with money she will ask you to leave the condo telling you that it is hers. This happens every day in Thailand

Many Thai girlfriend scams

There are many Thai girlfriend scams and every day they add a new one to the list. In Thailand be careful with your money. If you are happy to give it away there are many people happy to take it off you.