Your Thai girlfriend is not guaranteed to be issued with a visa to Travel to England. Many Thai girlfriends are refused visas every day of the week.

When the visa application is being put together, the sponsor (UK Boyfriend) gets confused about what the embassy are looking for and think that by showing how much money the sponsor has, then the Thai girlfriend will be given the visa. This simply is not true.

The visa officer has to be certain that there will be enough money for the complete trip and is also concerned with the Thai girlfriend’s welfare. For this a certain amount of money must be demonstrated on the side of the Sponsor.

The visa officer has to be certain that your Thai girlfriend will not stay in England at the end of the visa period and that she has very good reason to go home to Thailand.

Getting confused about England Visa refusal reasons.

On the visa application form, there is a question about children – Does your Thai girlfriend have children and who will look after them while she is in England. Most people think the visa officer will be certain the lady will return to Thailand at the end of the trip for the sake of the children. But in reality many Thai ladys get a visa to England never to return even with Children left behind.

As you can see getting your Thai girlfriend a Visa to England is not straight forward. Any mistakes made at the time of the application and the visa will be refused.