Dear Key Visa,

Apologies for the (very) delayed response, haven’t checked my email for a while!

Yes I’m very interested in getting your company’s help in making a visa, my Thai girlfriend has already been rejected for a tourist visa! Briefly, my Thai gf and I met at a restaurant whilst I was travelling for 2 months around Southeast Asia, I took her with me around Thailand, to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia over a 8 week period, and we have passport stamps + photos to prove it. Met her parents/family during that time.

When I returned to the UK I applied for a tourist visa in September however it was turned down because

  • a) I was presently near my £2,000 overdraft limit,
  • b) at the time I was unemployed and
  • c) we’d only been going out for a short time (just over 2 months.)

Looking back now it was a foolish move. Since then the situation has changed considerably:

  • 1. I am now employed full time on a salary of circa £20k per annum (albeit its only my first month in the job, will get my 1st paycheck next week.)
  • 2. I am now only -£1k in my £2k agreed overdraft.
  • 3. I came back to Thailand for family holiday with parents – they have met my gf (photos to prove it.)
  • 4. We talk for 30 mins to an hour nearly every day, have SKYPE records to prove it. Hundreds of conversations
  • 5. We have now been in a relationship for 4 months.

The only significant asset I own is a car worth roughly £3,000. I live with my parents in a large 5-bedroom detached house with plenty of room, they are happy to write a letter to the embassy permitting her stay at the house rent-free.

My gf is 23, has no assets or significant savings.

Basically, do we have any chance of getting a visa in the near future? Can your company help us in any way?

I eagerly await your response.

Hi Jonathan

Thank you for your email and the information that you have provided.

I am glad to see that you are now moving in the correct direction to later obtain a UK tourist Visa.

Having a overdraft is a no no when you are a sponsor, and again I am pleased to learn that you are getting your bank account in order.

We will be able to help you with this application, though it may be 4,5 or 6 months before the next application can be made. I would also suggest that you take a 1 or 2 week holiday to Thailand in that time.

I will be happy to invite you as a client and start working with you and your Thai Girlfriend to obtain the UK Tourist Visa

If you are prepared to work on the application for this period of time and will be able to take a holiday, then I will be happy to invite you as a client and start working with you and your Thai Girlfriend to obtain the UK Tourist Visa.

I will call you this weekend and we can discuss the situation at greater length.

I have added you to my skype contacts, maybe we could speak via Skype, if not I will call your mobile