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Thai common law wife

Thai mother and Child
We were recently contacted by a man in the UK that had been visiting Thailand for more than 15 years. Within that time had met a Thai lady and been in a full term relationship for 8 years with her. Over time they purchased land in northern Thailand and had built a home together. The thai lady had visited the UK more than one occasion on a UK tourist visa.

The UK man and Thai lady now had a child together, a girl that is 3 years of age. The child has dual nationality having both a Thai and British passport. As the child is getting nearer to schooling age, the British father is concerned for the childs education and would like for both the mother of his child and his child to come and live permanently in the UK.

When we looked through all the evidence I was saddened to learn and then to have to explain to the man that his Thai lady would not be issued with a UK settlement visa, but his child could come to the UK and live with him, ripping the child away from the mother.
Even though they have a long relationship together that can be proven, a home, land, car and a child. The thai lady has been to the UK on a tourist visa and returned within the visa time scale. The reasons the Thai lady would not be granted a UK Settlement visa is because the UK man and the Thai lady are not married.

Thai common law wife

Thai common law wife

Yes they have been in a long term relationship for eight years and are viewed as common law husband and wife, this is not a reason for a settlement visa to be granted.

Thai common law wife will not be issued with a UK settlement visa

I explained that if he wanted his Thai lady to move to the UK he would have one choice to make with two ways of making it. He would have to marry his Thai lady, making her his wife. He could marry her in Thailand and then apply for the UK settlement visa, or apply for a UK fiancée visa and marry her in the UK.