If you have been refused a visa to enter or travel to Australia we can help. Every day many visa applications are made at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok. Many of the applications are refused.

Whenever a Visa to Australia is refused, the visa officer will indicate the reasons why the visa application was refused.

Why can a Visa to Australia be refused

There are many reasons why a visa to Australia for a Thai citizen will be refused. Evidence must be provided by the Thai partner and the Australian Sponsor.

The evidence must support that

  • There is an ongoing relationship between the Thai and Australian
  • There is suitable accommodation for the Thai while in Australia
  • The Thai citizen has good reason to return to Thailand when the Visa expires
  • If the Thai has Children, suitable arrangements will be made for the care and welfare of the children for the duration of the visa.
  • The Thai will have sufficient funds to support the costs while in Australia

There are many more requirements and factors that are taken into account by the Visa office. Any mistakes made or lack of evidence provided and the visa can easily be refused.

We can help you obtain a Visa to Australia

We can help you obtain a Visa to Australia for your Thai partner of the first application