Thai bar girl, can she get a tourist visa to Australia? Define Thai bar girl is the answer, shall we say that Australian guys do not tend to meet Thai girlfriends in Big C or Lotus shopping for onions, and the same could be said for meting an Australian lady it would be through a friend or work or a night out with the boys which is commonly were you would meet your Thai girlfriend, Thai Bar Girl is a terrible way of expressing were you first met the lady you fell in love with in Thailand so your meeting place and how your relationship comes down to dates and not specifically were like in a Thai bar or a Thai go go bar, So when you are dealing with the Australian Embassy daily you get to realize that skirting around this subject is the best way forward the Embassy visa officers are open minded and do realize were Australian sponsors normally meet their Thai girlfriend so rubbing it in their face is not needed.

This is were the presentation comes in to play with both the Australian and British Embassy because knowing what to say and the documents needed is paramount to a successful application, you can read all the posts on forums that you wish but they all have different circumstances which means all visa applications are unique which is why using a professional Visa company like Key Visa Thailand to represent you takes away this worrying question that is at the forefront of your mind !! can my Thai girlfriend get a tourist visa to Australia because I met her in a Thai bar.

Your meeting place whether in a Thai bar or not should not always class your Thai girlfriend as a bar girl she is a human being needing to support her family and with poor educations leaves them with not many options, so you have to put the past behind you and move forward, the only downside is your Thai girlfriend will normally be from a poor background and showing a reason for her to return can be very difficult.

Again this is why harping on about presentation is the Key because with no interview process what you say and don’t say is important and knowing how to fill the holes and getting an Australian visa application to a position were a visa will be awarded takes years of knowledge and experience. a visa for a Thai girlfriend whether she is from a Thai bar or a Thai go go bar is not a reason to not apply for a visa for your Thai girlfriend because how is your relationship going to develop if she has never been to Australia? so use Key Visa Thailand and get a yes everytime!!

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