Sponsor Thai girlfriend

Sponsor Thai Girlfriend

Most Thai girlfriends will need a sponsor to be able to apply for a UK visa. If you are the sponsor please take note, you play a small part in the visa process. The embassy will be looking at your financial situation and your living conditions. If you have little money and are unable to provide for yourself, the embassy will not enable you to sponsor your Thai girlfriend and she will be refused a visa. The UK immigration service takes the view that if you are unable to provide for yourself, you will not be able to provide for your girlfriend while she is in the UK. The same checks are placed on your living conditions for the same reasons.

Many visas are refused because the sponsor believes by having money his Thai girlfriend will be given a UK visitor visa easily.

Sponsorship plays an important but small part of a UK visitor visa application. After the sponsorship, information regarding the relationship and evidence about the Thai girlfriend life in the UK will be needed.

Sponsor Thai girlfriend

If your girlfriend is refused a UK visa, it could be that your Thai girlfriend does not qualify for a UK visitor visa.