Unfortunately settlement visas for your Thai wife or Thai fiancee to go and live in the UK the waiting times have gone back to roughly about 3 months, previously we had a window of about 3 weeks were settlement visas for the UK were being given in 3-4 days and all of a sudden it has gone back to the normal waiting times.

A UK Settlement visa means that your Thai legal wife or future Thai fiancee is going to live with you in the UK for the rest of their lives and live with you as your legal partner.

This visa allows your Thai wife to work legally and obtain a National Insurance number and get free medical treatment so for the future it will make a huge difference to your lives together as being split apart with your in the UK and your Thai wife in Thailand can put strain on anybody’s relationship.

There are alot of benefits also including the Thai nationals English ability will go from strength to strength due to being surrounded with the English language and not Thai so your Thai wife or Thai fiancee living in the UK is a huge bonus to you both and especially if you are planning on having a family together.

Uk Thai Visa