Settlement visa to UK documents are Important


When applying for any visa be it a holiday to the UK or a settlement visa to the UK the documents that you need to supply for the visa application to prove the relationship have to be very substantial and the reason for this is because you have to prove to the Embassy clearing officer ECO at the British Embassy that you are a genuine long standing and ongoing relationship and how you do this is by supplying as much information about you and your Thai partner as possible.

UK Settlement visas are predominately about the relationship and you have to prove to the clearing officer thatyour intentions are to marry your Thai partner if applying for a UK fiancee visa or a settlement visa to the UK which means you are already married in Thailand.

You need to put a strong portfolio together including the following examples

  • Telephone bills
  • E mails
  • Chat records
  • Skype records
  • Money transfers
  • Whattsapp chat records
  • Photographs of the relationship
  • Old receipts for times in Thailand
  • Photographs with the family

The above is just an example of what you have to show and with modern technology now there is no excuse not to be able to supply plenty of information to the British Embassy in Bangkok, below is a photograph of a relationship that had known each other for only 6 months.