Settlement visa fees to Australia cause outrage


Since the price rise of Settlement visas to Australia subclass 309 and provisional marriage visas subclass 300 to 97,000 Thai baht on the 1st September 2013 has left many Australian sponsors dumbfounded with again another huge price rise from 84,000 Thai baht to 97,000 Thai baht but no improvement in waiting times or service.

Many Australian sponsors and husbands have been asking the question why the extra costings and also why they cannot receive a faster turn around of the visa application process from 6 months to 1 year, many have found it unfair and feel that the prices have not been justified or any forth coming answers from the Australian Embassy.

There is a good point being made by the Australian sponsors and we understand why they are getting upset and would expect hopefully in the next few months a faster application process from the Australian Embassy and also a more user friendly system.

At present Australian husbands, partners, Thai applicants are being just given a blanket e-mail stating the application is being assessed and could be a further 12 weeks and this is stated no matter how long the visa application has been submitted.

The British Embassy can give a visa settlement decision in 6 -8 weeks for half the cost 40,848 Thai baht so why the delays????