Settlement visa fees and why use Key Visa


Just to keep you informed that the Settlement visa fee now to Australia is 85,200 Baht which is a huge amount of money the holiday visa fee is currently still at 4,400 baht for an Australian tourist visa up to 12 months.

The settlement visa fee is non refundable by the Australian Embassy so no visa no refund by them which is why it is imperative to get it correct first time because it is a large amount of money to lose if you get it wrong but not only that your wife/fiancee will not be traveling from Thailand to settle with you in Australia.

There are numerous reason why to use Key Visa company to obtain your Australian Fiancee/ Settlement visa and some reason are below

  • Work with the Thai applicant on there side of the paperwork ensuring it will be successful and accepted by the Embassy.
  • Work with the sponsor and e-mailing him the documents required and our English Immigration consultants there for guidance
  • Translate all of the Thai applicants documents and certify in to English.
  • Complete the sponsorship and intention of stay letters
  • Prepare all the documentation and complete the application forms.
  • Professionally present the application ready for the clearing officers.
  • Take the applicant to Bangkok for the Police Clearance check
  • Collect the certificate when it is ready
  • Make the hospital appointment for the associated medicals
  • Take the Thai applicant to an accredited doctor for the associated medicals
  • Submit the application on behalf of the client to the Embassy in Bangkok.
  • Interview train professionally whilst awaiting for an interview
  • Escort the Thai applicant for the interview process
  • Collect the passport and documentation when the decision has been made
  • During the full process we keep the sponsor up to date on all developments

As well as all of the above Key Visa pay the Embassy fee and all costings until the visa is awarded which at present can take up to 6 months of pain waiting for a decision but having Key Visa in Thailand you know you have the back up of professionals keeping there watchful eye on updates and any extra documents needed and also helping your Thai partner in Thailand.

So if you are considering applying for an Australian fiancee/ settlement visa then think of Key Visa Company

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