Separated from my Thai wife

There seems to be more myths surrounding the application of a UK visa for a Thai girlfriend or Thai wife. This would indicate that people pass on gossip as fact confusing what is straight forward information with a shroud of doubt and confusion. Leaving many UK men feeling that they will never get their Thai girlfriend home.

If you are only going to read and learn one piece of information from this page read and remember this
Every Thai girlfriend or Wife will be able to get a visa to the UK as they and the British sponsor meet the criteria set down by the British embassy. It is that simple. The difficulty is within the relationship and situation of the couple. Obviously this changes for every couple so each application is different, with more evidence for certain situations and less for others. But one simple fact remains. Every Thai girlfriend or Thai wife can obtain a visa to travel to the UK

Here is a visa problems put to me recently that is not a problem at all

The UK Boyfriend wrote

Separated from my Thai wife

I am afraid that my situation is rather complicated, am not sure how much detail I gave you before, I’ve been with Pattiya for just over a year and everything between us is good and we plan a future together etc…
Problem is that back in 2004 I got married to a Thai lady in Bangkok, we split the day after marriage! I am separated from my Thai wife. It’s a long story but the basics are, before Christmas 2008 I instructed a lawyer to initiate divorce proceedings to 2 of her known addresses – she never replied, my lawyer demanded more money to try and track her down but I just left it as I wasn’t prepared to just keep paying the lawyer money.
I feel that obtaining a Visa for Pattiya could be difficult given that I am married by separated from my T hai wife

I am going back to Pattaya in September for 10 days ish, my parents will meet her in December…
When I visit Thailand next time I plan to visit my Thai wifes address and check it out as I need her response, I doubt she will be at the address of her family but I am running out of options, my current girlfriend Pattiya is writing to my wife asking her to contact me – again am doubtful of response, my 1 hope is the divorce can proceed on the grounds that she has never been found, we had no physical contact for more than 3 years etc…
My girlfriend wants me to use a local lawyer to her near buriram which should be beneficial and less costly and nearer to my wife whose family live in Roi-Et.
Am I fighting a losing battle in your opinion? What are the chances of one day bringing my loved one to meet me and my family in the UK? Are there options still?
His girlfriend can apply for a tourist visa to travel to the UK, there is no problem with the fact that he is married as they are separated and his Thai wife is in Thailand and not in the UK. Obviously he will not get a settlement visa until he marrys his new thai girlfriend, which he will not be able to until he finds his old Thai wife and gets a divorce.
But his Thai girlfriend will be able to get a tourist visa as long as the application meets the British embassy criteria and a visa consultant can ensure that you meet these.