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Retirement visa rumors put to an end

During my weekly visit to the Pattaya Expats club this week I was faced with two rumors which I quickly put to bed and answered quickly an it is amazing how rumors in Pattaya spread so quickly which send retirement visa holders in to a frenzy.

The first rumor was that people working with just an income of 65,000 Thai baht per month they had to show a monthly income of 135,000 Thai baht as from the start of the new year which I can tell you it is not correct there is no plans or changes on the horizon as far as the financial side of a retirement visa is concerned. So do not worry.

The second was they was altering the retirement age from 50 years of age to 55 years of age which again is not true to obtain a retirement visa in Thailand you only have to be 50 years of age so please do not believe this either.

I hope this has cleared the two major rumors up.