Retirement visa in Thailand


Retirement visa in Thailand

Retirement visa in Thailand financial requirement

It is often noticed by the Thai Immigration that people applying for the first time or repeat applications for a retirement visa in Thailand are still making mistakes. If you are working with the 800,000 Thai baht only without an income then the money must be in the bank 2 months before you apply for your first visa and then 3 months for consecutive years which people tend to always get the wrong way round. If you are working with a monthly income as well as monies in your Thai bank then the 2 or 3 months does not come into play the money can be in the bank only a week before you apply. If you are working with just an income of 65,000 baht per month or more then the money does not have to be in the bank and you do not have to show your bank account book in Thailand only your income is required. any questions please ask.

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