Refused UK Visa

When the British Embassy refuses a UK visa application, you will receive a letter stating the reason for refusal. If the application was for a tourist visa, you have no right to appeal and the refusal is final. Your Thai girlfriend will be able to make a fresh visa application.

If your Thai girlfriend has been refused a UK visa prior, or refused entry into another country, the visa officer at the time of the application will ask for the reasons of the refusals before. The new visa application is separate to earlier applications and you no refusals will be held against you, however the reason for the visa refusal if still relevant will result in another visa refusal

Main reasons for Thai girlfriends UK visa refusal

  • Not enough contact to demonstrate a relationship between the UK sponsor and the Thai girlfriend
  • Inefficient evidence to convince the Visa officer that the sponsor will be able to care for the Thai girlfriend in the UK
  • Taking advantage of the Tourist Visa system
  • Not enough evidence to suggest that your Thai girlfriend will return to Thailand
  • Visa Application filled out incorrectly
  • Visa application not presented in an understandable and orderly manner
  • Thai girlfriend failing the interview