We have been refused a Settlement visa

I have made a new inquiry to the embassy, requesting a tourist visa instead of the visa for long stay. If answer is negative I will get back to you. Very shortly.


Hi James

Thank you for getting back to me.

It is a mistake to apply for a visa, be refused and then apply for a different class of Visa, ie Refused Settlement visa, re-apply for a tourist visa

What you should be doing is addressing the reasons why your Thai partner’s visa has been refused and not trying to shoe horn your partner into the UK on a different visa.

Reasons why your Thai partner has been refused

When you received your paper work back from the embassy, you should have been given a document listing the reasons why your Thai partner has been refused. This information should be used firstly to understand what concerns the embassy have, and secondly to build the information that to remove these concerns.

You have already informed the embassy that you would like a long stay visa.

The problem you could face (and we see this all of the time), after being refused two or more visas, on most occasions it is extremely difficult and often impossible to then get a visa for your Patner.

If you haven’t contacted the embassy yet, STOP and take some advice.