Refused A UK Visitors Visa

My name is David and I would like to know if you could offer me some advice.

My Thai girlfriend (Nock) was recently refused a UK visitors visa to come and visit with me in the UK We really want to reapply for a UK visitor’s visa but we are not very confident after being denied first time.
I am a registered nurse working full time. Have a home and money in the bank
She was denied the visa because:
1. They could not be convinced that Nock would return to Thailand when the time was up.
2. She has a very limited travel history she has been around Thailand and parts of Laos but that is it.
3. We had asked for up to six months for length of stay – do you think we should change that to 4-6 weeks?

Reason for UK Visitor Visa

We stated that her reason to visit was to meet my family and friends and see what British culture is like. Her current employment situation is such that she has a degree in Mass Communication – worked for firms as a secretary and about 2 years ago stopped working for Tesco Lotus for whom she worked in management. She speaks good English and is very personable. She was able to purchase a new car and an empty lot in Korat, Nakhon

She also owns a business in Chiang Rai (a watch and clock store). She also sells Giffarine cosmetic products. Nock has an apartment in Bangkok and had showed that she would sublet the apartment to her close friend Jimmy from Chiang Rai – she is also a business owner and goes to Bangkok periodically for business.

Since quitting working at Tesco Lotus Nock has been able to maintain her lifestyle with apartment, car and has also been able to go home for periods of time and help her mother with the family store in Prathai Prathai (about 70 mins from Korat).

When Nock is tending the store her mom, and sisters can work on the farm. Nock is very close to her family, we both have plans if it all works out to live part time in Canada and part time in Thailand. I am hoping to go to Thailand in October and take a scuba diving course that lasts 7 months – I believe that this would be a productive and yet fun way to be able to be with my girlfriend. I was hoping that when I am finished the course in May that I would be able to bring back Nock with me to the UK where I would return to work as a nurse at the Hospital here in Liverpool and go back to Thailand in October 2010 to work as a scuba diving instructor.

I must say that I really don’t understand the Embassy saying no to her application for visitor’s visa. It makes me wonder if all of the file was read. The interviewer had asked Nock what she planned to do in Canada. Nock told her that she would like to visit my family and friends and see where I work and my culture. The interviewer told Nock to wait until her boyfriend comes from the UK and visits you for 6 months. This news was heartbreaking!

We have talked on the phone almost daily. We text each other almost daily. We think about each other all the time. She is NOT a bar girl, we don’t go to bars at all. We are both very traditional and respectful of each other. We are considering spending the rest of our lives together. This letter is very personal and I am writing to a stranger (I am desperate), I really hope that there is something that can be done to allow my girlfriend to come to Canada. I appreciate your assistance in this matter. If you have any good ideas I would love to know them.
Should she get her mother and aunt to write a letter?
What could we do? My Best Regards.

Reason for Refused UK Visitors Visa

The mistake David has made is unfortunately made every day by people when applying for a visa to the UK. HE doesn’t fully understand what is needed to obtain a UK visa and therefore is shooting in the dark.

He wants help and only free help, which I understand, but all the help he has had up to now has ensured that his girlfriend remains in Thailand and now has a black mark against her passport.

As of writing this, I did not see the official Visa refusal form but from Davids comments, believe that the area the visa needs the most help is with his Thai girlfriend Nock. The embassy is not confident that she will return to Thailand at the end of the visa even though Nock
Has a business
Owns a car
Has an apartment in Bangkok
Works with her family

The fact that Nock was called to the embassy for an interview suggests to me that the application was weak and the visa officer was unsure as to issue the visa or not, but the interview ended with a denial anyway.

I feel confident that we can obtain a UK visitor visa for Nock to travel to the UK, A visitor visa will allow for her to spend upto six months with David. We will need the visa refusal form given by the embassy and the original visa application file.