Obtaining a Non B visa around Asia

This is one of the most difficult visas to obtain around Asia as it is assumed that a B visa Non Immigrant is a business visa and should be used in conjunction with a work permit so to obtain now around Asia it is a chicken and egg scenario in respect that if you require a work permit to work in Thailand you must apply for the work permit first you are then given a receipt for the application called a WP3 which is a piece of paper telling the Thai Consulate that an application for a work permit has been applied for and will be given on receipt of the correct visa, without this paper a Non B visa 90 days will not be given, they also wish to see a full set of company papers, last tax, Social and VAT payment for the company and also an invitation letter so it is best to let someone like Key Visa check your documents before you travel, we also do visa runs to Laos as you can read on this website.