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I met this wonderful Thai lady online about 8 months ago. Since then we keep in touch every day on the internet. Although I have never been to Thailand to meet her, we have very much fell in love. I would like my Thai girlfriend to come to the UK to meet my parents.

Some information about us.

  • I am 31 and my girlfriend is 35. She has never been a bar girl or worked in that industry.
  • I live in a shared flat with friends, have a full time job and money in the bank.

Would it be possible for my Thai girlfriend to visit the UK in February? That would give us 6 month to prepare a visa application.

Answer: Never met your Thai girlfriend, she is not getting a travel visa.

The British embassy will not grant a visa if the sponsor has never met the visa applicant in person. This means that you must visit your partner on more than one occasion.
If you are unable to do this, any visa application made will be refused by the immigration department.

Are you serious about this relationship? If the answer is yes, then you must travel to Thailand to see you partner.

When you make plans to visit your partner, please contact us again and then we will be able to give you more advice about what you the sponsor should be doing to ensure you are fulfilling the immigrations requirements

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