My Thai girlfriend wants to visit the UK, what problems lay ahead.
Before you Thai girlfriend can even leave Thailand, good planning and arrangements will need to be made. To begin with your Thai girlfriend will need a passport. I know this sounds obvious, but many Thai ladys have never travelled outside of Thailand and there for do not have a passport.

When she has a passport, next a visa to the UK will be needed. To get a visa, solid proof of a relationship will be needed before the British embassy in Bangkok will issue a visa.
The only visa available to a Thai girlfriend to visit the uk is a tourist visa.

So after you obtain the passport, visa, air tickets, what your Thai girlfriend will need more than anything else is warm cloths and plenty of them

One of the biggest problems for Thai nationals visiting the UK is the cold, even in the height of summer Thai people will be cold. Even in a well heated house Thai people will feel cold, very cold.

Make sure that your Thai girlfriend is able to call home regularly as she may feel lonely and isolated.