HI Key Visa
I am a British national living in the UK and I have been refused a tourist visa for my Thai girlfriend to visit me in the U.K.

I presumed we had fulfilled all the criteria with having a reason for return as she owns her own property and has money in the bank. She does not work and I financially support her and this was the reason for refusal, what do you think? What can we do

Thank you  David

Answer:  My Thai girlfriend is loaded, why did we get refused?

HI David, Presuming and over confident, are the main reasons why Thai people are refused visas. A clearing officer at the Embassy can have numerous reasons to refuse a visa and in most cases that we see on a daily basis, they are correct with the decision.

Due to strict tightening of Immigration policies from most major Embassies, it is imperative to submit an application that is of professional in both quality and presentation. In your case I agree that your partner has collateral that would be an incentive for a return to Thailand.

Maybe the officer is concerned with what  your partner will be doing all day whilst you are working, and also, taking away the bricks and mortar as your Thai partner is solely financially dependent on you.