Dear sir madam, please help.
My Thai girlfriend is divorced from UK husband and now resides with me. How can she stay in UK?
immigration have her passport as her ex husband sent it to them after she left him as he did not know where she was.

What can i do to keep my Thai girlfriend in the UK. I dont work myself am on benefits. She was married about 4yrs to her British husband. She has told me if she goes back to Thailand she will be forced into prostitution to support her daughter and mother. Her family are very poor.

What should i do can she claim asylum or something if shes going to be forced into prostitution please help im at my wits end thank you john

Answer My Thai girlfriend is divorced from UK husband and now resides with me. How can she stay in UK?

Hi John

It is impossible to advise you at this stage as we do not have all the facts about your Thai girlfriend and her relationship with her British husband. But I will go over some areas which may make your situation clearer

indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

If when she married she then lived with her British husband for two years, and then applied for an indefinite leave to remain in the UK. She can continue to stay and work in the UK. It would also be an idea to report her passport as lost and reapply for a new passport and visa stamps.

If the relationship broke down in this time and her husband sent her passport to UK immigration without being issued with indefinite leave to remain then she has no right to be in the UK.

Thailand is classed as a developed country and has good infrastructure and jobs. I strongly doubt that your Thai girlfriend would be granted British asylum from her suggestion that she would be forced into prostitution on her return to support her daughter and mother. It could be viewed by UK immigration that the only reason she wishes to remain in the UK is to work and send money back to support her family.

Difficulties ahead.
If your Thai girlfriend has no visa to remain in the UK then sooner or later she will have to return to Thailand. In many cases when foreign nationals are arrested and deported, they are banned from traveling to the UK for 10 years.

If your Thai girlfriend was to return to Thailand, paying her own airfare etc, because she has over stayed her visa it will be difficult for her to obtain another visa. You being on benefits defiantly does not help. As you are on British benefits you will not be able to sponsor her visa application to return to live in the UK.

I am sorry we are not going to be able to help, but hope the information I have given above will make your situation clearer.