My Thai girlfriend is concerned

I know my Thai girlfriend is concerned about providing for her son and mother while she is here with me in the UK. I’ve assured her that within reason I will sort it. I will give her family 5000 Baht a month

She’s quite religious and is also concerned about facilities in the UK for Buddhists. I admit I haven’t a clue but there are several Thais that live locally so presumably it wouldn’t be a problem.

For various reasons I won’t be able to return to Thailand til mid July earliest.


My Answer to My Thai girlfriend is concerned

You do not need to be here for the application, we can build the complete file while you are in the UK and it will then be ready for your return.

I understand that your girlfriend is concerned and scared; our staff can talk her through this so she understands from a Thai more about the UK.

Many Thai people make a prayer station in their homes. You could make the same, this would give her some where to pray which is important to her.

Ask what money her mother and son will need, 5,000 Baht might be enough, but they might need more. Think about schooling costs etc. You are asking alot from your Girlfriend, to travel to the other side of the world leaving her son and family benhind. Though if this trip is for 3 – 4 weeks she will feel better knowing she will be back with her family soon

Kind regards