I am 36 years old in live in the UK. My father has been living in Thailand since 1998 and has a Thai wife. 11 months ago my father introduced me to a beautiful Thai girl via the internet. We chat every day on web cam, skype and emails. My thai girlfriend is now 17.

In 2009 I visited her in Thailand twice and plan to come again in March 2010. I send her money every month via money gram. We would like to know can we get her a UK tourist visa. My Thai girlfriend is 17 and we want a UK Tourist Visa

Thai girlfriend 19 to get a UK Tourist Visa

Thank you for the visa enquiry, I would like to inform you that the youngest age you will be able to get a UK tourist visa for your Thai girlfriend is 19.

When you are submitting any evidence when applying for the visa, the British embassy will only take into account any evidence from when your girlfriend was 18.
Do not get married as this will not help you get a visa. The youngest age you can get a Thai wife back to the UK to live is 21.