Mum and Dad want to sponsor My Thai girlfriend

My mum and dad want to sponsor my Thai girlfriend to come and visit us in the UK. When you are ready to make the UK Visa application for your Thai wife or Thai girlfriend, if you are not in a financial position to provide for her while she is in the UK, you will be refused the visa.

Very often a visa is refused because the UK sponsor will show a bank statement that is over drawn. Being in full time employment is not enough to be a sponsor, you will need to have money in a UK bank for the time period your Thai girlfriend – Thai wife will be in the UK.

Your parents cannot be the sponsor of your Thai girlfriend – Thai wife, but they can be listed as the place that she will be staying while in the UK. So if you live with your parents and would like your Thai girlfriend – Thai wife to visit the UK, this is expectable, though you will have to have enough money in your bank to cover her costs.

The reason why you have to be the sponsor and not another member of your family is because it is you that is in a relationship. As you are in the relationship, if you do not have the money to for the visit then you are not a suitable sponsor. The immigration officer needs to feel that the your Thai girlfriend – Thai wife will not become a burden on the state while in the UK.

Another interesting point is that if you do not have enough money to be a valid sponsor, using money in your Thai girlfriends bank account could be held against the application and not help, after all how does a Thai citizen with an income of 8,000 – 10,000 a month manage to save the airfare and spending money to visit the UK.

Your mum and dad cannot sponsor your Thai girlfriend; they can only be listed as the place where she will be staying while in the UK