More Foreign Students Are Choosing To Study In The UK


The United Kingdom has always performed highly in the international rankings of education. And because of this, it is not a surprise why more and more foreign students are considering getting their education here. In terms of popularity among foreign students, UK only lags behind the United States.

An increase in numbers

This year, 2014, there has been a sudden rise on the amount of foreign studentsapplications. The number rose by more than twenty thousand in just a period of twelve months. Experts say that this has been fuelled by foreign students and those coming from the EU member states as their application rate rose by six per cent.  Some of the universities that get a very high number of applications include the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, and the University College London – all of which are world-class, top-ranking institutions.

Where the students come from

Hundreds and thousands of international students study in the United Kingdom every year. But from which countries do foreign students come? Well, the top EU countries that send a lot of students into the UK are Germany, France, Cyprus, and Ireland. On the other hand, the non-EU countries from which foreign students come are China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. One of the probable reasons why there are a lot of International students in the UK is that it has a lot of good scholarship and financial support schemes.

Popular courses among foreign students

Now, what are the most popular subjects that foreign students take? Here are the top three types of courses:

nurseNursing – Among the top degree courses foreign students take in the United Kingdom is nursing. There is a generally good rate of demand for nursing graduates in the UK especially in the private sector. But there is a good percentage of nursing graduates who go back to their motherland and practice their profession there.

Business and Management – Business and management studies are also popular among foreign students. Some good examples of institutions where there are excellent business and management courses are Cambridge, Bath, St. Andrews, and the London School of Economics. Business courses help prepare students for real life situations in the business sector.

Psychology – Psychology, the scientific study on how people think, act, and react, is also another good course offered in the UK. The University of Sheffield is considered to be the top-performing school when it comes to psychology degrees since it has a very high rate of students finding employment just right after graduation.

Studying in the United Kingdom is definitely a growing trend for Thai nationals today and with some help, you can easily obtain a visa to stay in the UK for education purposes.