Marriage visa for living in Thailand “new additions”

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Marriage visa for living in Thailand “new additions”

Marriage visa for living with your Thai wife in Thailand can always be a problem with you having the wrong documents or not enough copies and always additions being made so I have compiled a list below giving you a list of the requirements from today of what they wish to see.



1. Passport (+2 copies)

2. Income letter from Embassy (+2 copies)

3. Letter from your Thai Bank, plus;
> update your Bank Book
> copy of your updated Bank Book (+2 copies)

4. 2 x photos of applicant

5. Form TM7 completed

6. Marriage Certificate (+2 copies)

7. Evidence of marital property (+ 2 copies)
> Contract / rental Agreement
> Landlord’s ID Card
> Landlord’s House-book
> Purchase Agreement
> Company registration
> TM30


8. Marital House-Book (in her name) (+2 copies)

9. ID Card (+2 copies)

10. Birth Certificate (+2 copies)

11. Passport (if have) (+2 copies)


12. Location map of marital property, showing its position in village (2 copies)

13. Photos of marital home (+2 copies of set)
> 2 x different photos of couple inside the property
> 2 x different photos of couple outside the property, showing house number
> 2 x different photos of couple and witness outside the property

14. Thai witness to join couple at Immigration Office
> Witness’s ID Card (+ 2 copies)
> Witness’s House-Book (+ 2 copies)


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