Marriage in Thailand for a UK Settlement visa


In Thailand there are two ways that a couple can get married to their Thai girlfriend and one is the Buddhist style of marriage where you marry with your Thai girlfriends family present and you are blessed by 9 monks normally followed by a Thai style party that is enjoyed by all. But in the eyes of the Embassy this is not a legal marriage it is a marriage in the eyes of the Thai family so cannot be used as part of the UK Settlement visa application apart from show nice photographs of the ceremony.

The second Thai marriage which is what I would like to focus on, this is the legal marriage which is performed legally in a Thai registry office and a legal marriage certificate is signed and it is recognized all over the World as legal so please do not take a Thai legal marriage as not important and not recognized or you could be committing bigamy.

It must be noted that very importantly when you as the foreign spouse comes to Thailand you must bring an original divorce certificate if married previously or your ex wife’s death certificate original. This is a must to get married legally in Thailand and also to be able to complete your UK Settlement visa application. At Key Visa we help all our clients if needed with the legal marriage service and in most cases free and you can read more on this website but the reason for the post is do not forget your original documents from the UK for the Thai legal marriage and also let Key Visa help you with all the documents and procedure which done on your own can be a nightmare. below is pictures of a Thai Bride and a Thai wedding ceremony and also a legal Thai marriage certificate

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