Low Holiday Season In Thailand Is Happening Now!


If you are making plans to come to Thailand this year, you better make it over here quick! This is considered to be one of Thailand’s best travel season called the low season – which starts from May till November every year – and there many benefits that you can receive when you do come during this period. Here are some of the reasons why the low season in Thailand is going to make your trip an awesome one!

Great weather to start your visit

Weather temperatures range from 19 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius during this season. This is pretty pleasant considering that it is neither too warm nor too cold and it will be reasonably dry as it is not at the top of the rainy season yet.

traffic bangkokLess traffic jams and congestions

You can expect less honking from cars and motorcycles during this time of the year. Bangkok’s usual congested traffic is known to drop down to lower levels and this will make your commuting processes less hectic.

Not too many tourists

If you want to spend some alone time in somewhere less crowded, this is a good season for you to do so as there will not be as many tourists as compared to peak travel periods. It will be good too if you plan to relax in each location longer than usual.

Locals unwinding from mid to year end

You will spot most of the locals who are at their best too during this low season as they are also, like you, relaxing! The less busy they are now, the more friendly they are. So take this ideal time and setting to mingle with them well and make new friends!

coconutGreat deals not to be missed

Prices in airfare, food, places to stay, vehicle rentals all drop during this season. You can expect better savings or more leeway for expenditure from the welcoming price drop. With the cost savings you gain, this is the main reason why you should travel to Thailand during the low season.

Low season spans across Thailand’s neighbours

If you plan to not only visit Bangkok, you are in luck as the low season is in effect with its neighbouring countries and states. Some of them are Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam so you can actually plan a trip to these neighbouring countries too.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and book those tickets! It should be a big incentive for you to take off from work, for that much needed rest. Remember to make good use of the great cost opportunities that this low season offers and if you are looking to stay in Thailand for a longer period of time for exploring this Land of Smiles, we can help you apply for a visa to do so.