People presume that when you live in Thailand or work that you have the best life in the World and with most statements i agree but living and being a holiday maker are two completely separate issues.

To live a long and happy life in Thailand you have to be strong minded and have a strong will as you face numerous things that can lead to feeling isolated or lonely. This is mainly due to the constant heat, the language barrier, ever changing visa rule and the loss of a loved one maybe your Thai wife or Thai girlfriend.

A lot of Foreigners who decide to live in Thailand make the decision due to an ongoing relationship they have with a Thai national “but what happens when you or if you finish?” because most foreigners put all their faith in their partner and let them control the situation because they are Thai but if you are left alone it can lead to loneliness and huge isolation.

In Thailand you must learn the ways yourself , watch and learn and make sure simple things you can attend to yourself do not be solely dependent on your Thai partner, also if possible take up a sport or hobbies or visit the expats clubs to make friends so in the eventuality you are left alone you have people to help.

Do not ever think by drinking the days and nights away will help as this can be majorly dangerous to your health and life especially in a foreign country. You must pull yourself together and seek help from friends or loved ones or go home, do not do anything stupid!!!! as we see many times.pattaya-expats-club