Australian legal marriage in Thailand

Getting legally married in Thailand for most Nationalities including Australian citizens can be a daunting procedure and can lead to a huge headache and extra hotel bills and traveling around Bangkok like headless chickens.

At Key Visa Thailand we have been helping clients get legally married for over 14 years with a hassle free service which entails the Australian spouse only traveling to Bangkok with our experienced staff on one occasion which is to sign his affirmation to marry which means that the Australian Citizen is single and free to marry his Thai bride.

Our hassle free service only costs 12,000 Thai baht which is paid after the legal marriage has been completed and we pay all the costs involved so there are no hidden extras.

The legal marriage in Thailand for Australians has a set procedure which we have listed below.

  • You and your partner come to the office the Australian brings his passport and if divorced previously or widowed you bring the original certificate with you.
  • We then take you to the Australian Embassy just to sign the affirmation to marry in Bangkok and we bring you back to Pattaya.
  • You carry on with your holiday and my staff translate the affirmation to marry in to Thai language and take it to the Thai Ministry of foreign affairs. Their job is just to stamp the documents and confirm the signature of the Consular officer from the Embassy is correct and this takes approximately 3-4 days.
  • When the documents arrive from the Ministry of foreign affairs we contact you again and arrange the legal marriage, we take you both to Banglamung Registry office which is located 5 minutes outside Pattaya and finish the legal marriage.
  • We then will translate the marriage certificates in to English, you get two marriage certificates one for the Australian and one for your Thai wife.

It should be realized that this marriage is recognized as legal all over the World including Australia so do not get confused and think it is only attached to Thailand.

The above is a hassle free service and for only 12,000 Thai baht so after dealing with Australian clients for many years I do understand you do not like hassle so please consider Key Visa Thailand to help you complete your marriage for more info contact [email protected]