Asia is a continent popular for affordable lifestyles in most cases than not. With this in mind, it is hardly imaginable to run out cash when everything is cheap. But the truth of the matter is, if you do not spend your money wisely, you will soon part with it without realizing. Over the long run, your ultimate state will be worse than you ever imagined. To avoid all the drama that comes with being broke and desperate for money, these ideas will cover every angle that you need to consider before spending whilst living in Thailand.

food expenses

Food expenses

Most of the home dishes that you will find in hotels or restaurants are more often than not expensive enough to drain your cash over a short period. The bottom line is as long as you are in Thailand, your taste buds should latch on local cuisine. You will find the tastiest foods at a fraction of the price, which is too good to be true – but it is!


Job proximity

Working in a foreign country requires living there of course. Transport may be expensive, depending particularly on high-peak hours. High-peak rates strike majorly when you go to work and on your way back home. For that reason, you need to get an apartment that is close enough to your workplace. In that case, whether it is off-peak or high-peak time, you will spend less to get yourself to work and back home.


Mode of transport

In Thailand, public transport is much cheaper than you imagine. The least you can do is acquiring a map of the whole town and start using the buses or even the tuk tuks. You may get lost during your first trips with a public bus but eventually, you will have every detail about your location on your fingertips. Actually, if you live in places where you are near the BTS or MRT, transport is a breeze with cheap rates to boot.


Free communicationFree communication

Roaming rates on international calls adds up to your overall expenses. With free Skype calls in Thailand, there is no need for you to waste money on international calls. Fortunately, many places in Thailand have free Wi-Fi. From shopping malls to local cafes, you will find free Wi-Fi to connect online and make a Skype call to your loved ones.


Cutting down on utility bills

Utility bills are one of the major things that increase your expenses drastically, particularly for your electricity usage. For instance, in Thailand, in lieu of using AC in your apartment, you may consider using a fan. Fans save you more than 500 baht a month. You can get one in the supermarkets at an affordable price.

All in all, in Thailand, living costs are easily managed as long as you are willing to make some simple lifestyle changes. Because the Thai living costs are not high to start with, it is easy to find success with your cost cutting endeavors.