The Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service (INIS) was established in 2005 in order to provide a ‘one stop shop’ in relation to asylum, immigration, citizenship and visas. The INIS is responsible for administering the administrative functions of the Minister for Justice and Equality in relation to asylum, immigration (including Visas) and citizenship matters. The INIS also facilitates a whole of government approach to immigration and asylum issues which enables a more efficient service to be provided in these areas.

Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service
13/14 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2
Locall: 1890 551 500

If you wonder why visa applications for a holiday only can take up to 8 weeks it is due to the work load they have in Dublin Ireland so visas for Thai nationals to visit or live in Ireland are made at the same office as visas issued to most Countries and foreign nationals living already in Ireland. This is what can make it more difficult due to mainly not being able to put your case forward which is why the presentation of a visa to Ireland for Thais is so important which is why using a visa agent like Key Visa Thailand is so important, your visa application is submitted in Bangkok but the decision is made by the INIS in Dublin who tend to not understand the Thai way of life so getting a correct decision is difficult.

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