Hi UK Visa Company

I met my girlfriend in the UK and we have been living together for 3 months, the sad part is my girlfriend will have to return to Thailand in a month, as she is from Thailand and is on a UK family visa, she came to visit her aunt. My Thai girlfriend had been in Thailand 2 months before we met, we fell in love straight away and she moved in with me.

When my girlfriend returns to Thailand, I would like to get her back to the UK as soon as possible, would she be able to come back on a UK Fiancee visa or a UK Tourist Visa ?

After your girlfriend returns to Thailand

After your girlfriend returns to Thailand, she will not be able to reapply for a UK Tourist visa for six months after she has returned to Thailand. However you face problems with the new visa application and here are the reasons why.

If you were to sponsor the new application without traveling to Thailand first, the immigration could take the view that the first visa and visit to the UK was an arranged holiday to start a relationship.

It is not likely that another visa would be granted so soon if the Thai aunty was to be the sponsor and here is the reason why. The immigration department could take the view that as on her first visit she remained in the UK for six months and wants to return to visit family, the real reason for her being in the UK is work which the Aunty has arranged.

How you are going to be able to be a UK Visa sponsor
The only way you can move forward, is by visiting your Thai girlfriend in Thailand at least 2 times in the coming months and start the relationship from the start. Do not inform the embassy that you originally started the relationship in the UK