Hi, thanks for the reply, I have contacted many visa agencies but am happy to go with you, due to the honest and personal approach you have given…..

I have talked with my Thai partner and we are happy to try and go for a tourist visa. I am coming to Thailand again on April 26 staying for 2 weeks, its her birthday, we want to put the time to good use, so any tips on what we should be doing would be helpful.

I just wanted to tell you about my personal situation to see if it makes any difference to the application.
I live on a house boat on a residential mooring can my Thai girlfriend get a visa?
I am joint lease holder of the boatyard and self employed, so just to clarify, i live and work at the same address, i know this is not a normal situation as i live on a boat.

The other thing is money, because i am self employed i pay myself as and when, but if it is needed I can start to pay myself a regular wage every month, if so how much do you suggest? will this help with the application.

Also I send my Thai partner £100 per month, but this is done through a travel card I gave her last time i was there, this works well as I just top the card up online and she just takes it out of the atm which saves paying fees to western union etc. I have statements to prove i am topping the card up and should i tell my Thai partner to keep the atm slips when she draws out the money?

Anyway thanks for your time and hope to be in touch soon.

I live on a house boat on a residential mooring can my Thai girlfriend get a visa?

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your kind words at the start of your email, really you are in good hands, our only intention is to unite you and Your Thai partner in the UK.

I will answer your questions in the order you have asked them

  • When you arrive in Thailand, check into any hotels or accommodation under both your and your Thai partners name, remember to take photos and get a receipt.
  • Any place you visit, be it a temple, restaurant, shopping center, cinema, take photos
  • If you have the time and budget, take a flight anywhere in Thailand or surrounding area, keep the booking receipt and boarding pass, don’t worry if you cannot do this.

We will be working on a tourist visa for your Thai partner

We will be working on a tourist visa for your Thai partner, so we do not need to show an income as such, though you will need to show you can support your partner, for this reason I would recommend that you pay yourself a wage over the coming months, we will let you know the amount you will need in your account when we start work on the application.

Anyway, you contact your Thai partner, on the phone, email, or by sending money, make sure there is a trail of evidence. I understand the card system that you have used though it doesn’t help with the evidence we require.

Saying that, the ATM slips and the top ups may help.

Thank you again for your kind words, I am looking forward to hearing from you

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Kind regards