Hi Key Visa Thailand

I am the husband of the Thai in question. I have been in England for 1 month after coming from Thailand for 15months. I am not working at the moment but might be able to get a job soon.

My Thai wife has a baby who is mine at 2 months old and another daughter who is 8 years old, she has no father and I would like to adopt her and bring her to England as well.

I am not working and as such have very little income. I am wondering if the application can still be accepted if I got a job tomorrow which is very possible, I would of only had a job for a short period so I am guessing that it will not be taken into consideration as there would have been no money in my bank from work as of yet.

I am very desperate to get something done soon as my little daughter is growing older with out me and is causing me a great amount of stress and depression.
Please if you could suggest a route to solve the problem i would be most grateful.
Regards Jonathan

Answer I am the husband of the Thai in question.

Hi Jonathan

Thank you for contacting us. 2010 was the year that many expats sadly left Thailand and returned to the UK. Many of these men left girlfriends, wife’s and children behind.

When your wife applies for a UK Settlement visa

When your wife applies for a UK Settlement visa, the burden of proof is on you to demonstrate that your wife and children will not become a burden on the state. Being out of work, or working and claiming benefits will only end with one certain outcome, and that is you wife being refused a visa

I suggest that you find full time employment as soon as possible and start saving money.

Without a job, savings and accommodation, you will not be able to support your wife and therefore will not be granted a UK visa.

Your child, if you haven’t already, get her a British passport. This is a service we can provide for you.

Please let us know when you are working and then we will be able to help you move forward, getting a visa for your wife and your step child.

Contact us anytime, if you use Skype call or ask us a question now.